Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wa Wa Wa WALES north that is

Okay so it has been a few weeks since I have written... between three papers, a trip to north of Wales, a trip to the south of Wales, Oedipus, Mozart, Winston, Halloween, Thomas Becket and sack lunches I didn't Have much time to write!!!  This is part one of three

A little English History for ya: Today is Guy Fox night AKA British Halloween celebration! They celebrate the day with fireworks and bonfires.  They are celebrating the foiling of the gunpowder plot, which was a plot to blow up Parliament during one of their sessions.  Guy Fox who was supposed to set it off but was caught before he could light the fuse.  They used to burn effigies of Guy Fox but now they just celebrate with big bonfires, fireworks and the Lord Mayor parade.   Cool huh! If you want to full history of it-google it.

Well crazy past two weeks i'll tell you.  It all started with a weekend trip last weekend to Northern Wales with four buddies! We had a blast!  The first day we were there, we bought a day bus pass and saw the whole of northern Wales from a bus window! It was the best thing we could have done-we saw it all for only 4 pounds.  We touched the top of Snowdin- which is the highest peak in the UK and where people train for Everest on and we saw Gelert's grave-poor, poor doggy. We also visited a cool castle that I don't remember the name of but it is famous and big:)! And ate great food! Next day was up the hill on a tram in the freezing cold and wind  then it was down to Conway to see the Conway castle and to the food festival.  UMM UMM UMM UMM good! We then came home on Sunday! Fun Trip i would highly recommend it-and so does Rick.  

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